Ponencias invitadas

Marta Soler
“Experiences and recommendations to prepare H2020’s proposals. The SOLIDUS Project”
Funding SSH Research. Europe in a changing world: reflexive, inclusive and innovative societies.
RUVID, Red de Universidades Valencianas para el fomento de la Investigación, el Desarrollo y la Innovación & Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competiveness & Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT)
Valencia (13 November 2015)
Maria Padrós
“The SOLIDUS Project”
H2020 Infoday Workshop
Autonomous University of Barcelona & Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competiveness & Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT)
Barcelona (5 November 2015)
Marta Soler
“European Societies after the Crisis: SOLIDUS Solidarity in European societies: empowerment, social justice and citizenship”
H2020-EURO-SOCIETY-2014 conference: Changing Europe. What the research in social sciences and humanities tell us about changing Europe.
Directorate-General for Research and Innovation (RTD). European Commission
Brussels (19-20 November 2015)
Kathleen Lynch
“Equality Matters: a framework for analysis and policy”
Creating Equal opportunities: Overcoming Divides’ conference
Grantmakers East Forum & the EFC (European Foundation Centre) Conference,
Istanbul (30 September 2015 – 2 October 2015)
Kathleen Lynch
“There is no view from Nowhere’, Ideology, Social Justice and Teacher Education’
SCoTENS – The Standing conference on Teacher Education, North and South, 13th Annual Conference on Teacher Education for Social Justice
Limerick (15-16 October 2015)
Kathleen Lynch
“TTIP, the Commercialisation of the Universities and Rise of Academic Capitalism”
Colloquium Invited address.
Trinity College Dublin and the Royal Irish Academy
Dublin (11 March 2016)
Kathleen Lynch
“Commodification of Education: Creating and Challenging Academic Cultures”
Trinity College Dublin Student Union Conference
Dublin (11-12 March 2016)
Kathleen Lynch
“Love and Care Matters”
Haven’s Center for Social Justice, University of Wisconsin Madison, USA.
Madison (19 April 2016)
Kathleen Lynch
“A Care-less State? Austerity and the Legitimation of Injustice”
National Conference of the Clondalkin Drugs and Alcohol Task Force
Dublin (28 April 2016)
Lars Hulgård
“Social enterprise and solidarity – putting people at the centre”
TATA Institute
Mumbai (4 December 2015)
Lars Hulgård
“Social entrepreneurship and social innovation”
Annual day of inspiration. Telemark University College, 21.10.2015, Lars Hulgård
Prosgrunn (21 October 2015)
Lars Hulgård
“Festforelæsning, Social Entrepreneurhip – a story of unique combinations”
RUC’s annual celebration
Roskilde (18 September 2015)