In the wake of global financial crisis, European countries have experienced reduced public spending on welfare. Global conflicts have triggered migration to Europe. Both crises have deepened the polarization of society, but also triggered multiple actions of solidarity. How important is the collaboration between public administration and civil society organisations in this situation? What is the distribution of roles and tasks between the two types of actors in the delivery of social policy?

On 18th April, this seminar, “Welfare state in transition- learning from co-production”, will explore such issues. Findings from the SOLIDUS project on acts of solidarity in the social sector after the economic crisis will be presented. In particular, focus will be given to debating the role of third sector collaboration with the public sector in Denmark on the design and provision of social service. Do we see the emergence of new collaborative partnerships? How to combine the social with economic considerations in public policy? Danish experiences will be compared with insights from other EU countries

The event aims to initatie an important dialogue on how to pool and utilize ideas and capacities in challenging times. Sharing insights from Denmark with speakers from other political and institutional contexts will be a valuable experience for all participants alike.

Speakers include:

  • Hanne Danielsen, Grennesminde
  • Lars Hulgård & Jenny Eschweiler, Roskilde University
  • Knud Aarup, Expert on welfare society in Denmark
  • Andrew Cartwright & Sara Svensson, Central European University, Hungary
  • Ole Kassow, Cycling without Age, Denmark
  • Joy Mogensen, Mayor of Roskilde (tbc)
  • Andreas Kamm, former CEO Danish Refugee Council, Denmark
  • Noura Bittar Søborg, social entrepreneur and former refugee, Denmark
  • Michael Roy, New Caledonian University, Glasgow
  • Hanne Danielsen, Grennesminde, Denmark
  • Wolfgang Grasnick, Union Social Institutions, Germany
  • Michael Ziegler, Mayor of Hoje Taastrup (tbc) 
  • Margaret Somers, University of Michigan, USA

Download the agenda hereSOLIDUS PANEL_Denmark

Time and date: 18th April 2018, 09:30-15:50 

Please email your participation confirmation to Jenny Eschweiler at Please note that participation is limited to 50 people.